Sunday’s Message “Be unafraid as Cindy Lou Hoo”

In this 32-minute video, I lead you and the community in worship. We begin with Liz Cataldo playing “Mary did you know?” and an opening prayer by student Kelly Francis and a member of the First United Methodist in Burlington, Vermont. We read the Bible scriptures Isaiah 61:10-12, Galatians 4:4-7, and Luke 2:22-24.

Be not afraid

This week I reflect on the commandment “Be not afraid.” The Bible mentions this phrase 81 times, 63 in the Old Testament and 18 in the New Testament. We are called to build the beloved community, and we cannot do that in love if we are afraid. I encourage you this week to recognize when you have a fearful thought, then act. Look up, and move forward knowing you are loved and fearlessly serve others in need.

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