Sunday’s Message “Being Joyful, even in tough times”

In this 30-minute video, I lead you and the community in celebration of the third Sunday of Advent, JOY! Beautifully played Christmas songs by Liz Cataldo fills the service and begins with an Opening Prayer written by Rev. Gary L. Shaw, of the Carter Memorial UMC, Carter Spiritual Life Center in Needham, MA and inspired by Psalm 1:26 1-5

Call to Worship

From the Sacraments and Seasons: Peacemaking through Worship.

Let us focus on God’s presence.

In the midst of a world where people hunger and thirst …

Come worship a God who feeds the hungry.

In the midst of a world where people are abused and oppressed …

Come worship a God who calls for compassion and justice.

In the midst of a world filled with wars and rumors of war …

Come worship a God who desires nothing less than peace for the world.

In the midst of a world of spiritual emptiness …

Come worship a God who gives life meaning.

Come, let us worship the Lord, whose grace and love know no end!

Watch this short video from Emma McAdams on “Finding Joy in the Middle of Difficulty

Look for the Joy, not the Sorrow.

Seeking joy, and truly hunting for it around every corner takes effort. For many of us one thing missing – knowing that we are loved.

Do YOU know that you are loved?

  • Are you embarrassed by your body?
  • Do you need people to like you?
  • Do you wonder what others think of you?
  • Do you try to be good?
  • Do you criticize yourself?

If so, you are not living as God would have you live.

You are living in FEAR and not LOVE.

Are we worthy of love?

You may feel that you don’t deserve love. Yet, deserve has nothing to do with it! This is the message of the Cross.  The following scripture readings remind us that the Holy Spirit dwells deep inside us, that God has a plan for each of us, and Jesus is always near, so REJOICE.

Colossians 1:15-20

Ephesians 1:3-18

Philippians 3:1-9  

As you make your mark in the world this week, I encourage you to keep it simple.

  • Know you are loved
  • Find JOY, look for Joy, not sorrow
  • Send JOY out
  • Rejoice!

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