God’s Work Through Church Members | Pat Freeman

Editors Note: Over the next year, we’d like to do a monthly article on some of our church members. We’re hoping it will be inspiring, informative and interesting to everyone.  It will also be a Thank You! 

Spotlight on Pat Freeman

This month, we would like to recognize and give thanks to Pat Freeman, who has been a member of this church for over 50 years. Pat has generously given her time in many ways, with a strong commitment to helping others.

In the 1960’s, Pat, who was a kindergarten teacher, helped organize and ran a kindergarten at the church for 5 years and eventually a nursery school for 5 more years after that. The highest number of children who attended was 45. Classes were held 10 weeks in the spring, and 10 weeks in the fall. Because of the cost of heating the church, no winter classes were held.  Monday and Wednesday 1 class were held on each day, and Tuesday and Thursday 2 classes were held each day. This was truly a gift to the community, as Pat and one aid who worked along with her, received no salary until the last couple years of the school’s existence.

Pat was also a member of the Woman’s Society of Christian Service here at the church, which does not exist now. This group of women did luncheons for soldiers and also put on short programs for them. They also visited shut-ins and put together shoe boxes filled with fruit and food items they delivered and often sang hymns and other songs for them.

Pat has also served on many church committees including Sunday School Superintendent, Trustees, prepared luncheons for ‘after’ funeral services, organized dinners to be delivered to members in need, and is also a choir member!  If you attend one of our potluck lunches, you might be lucky enough to have some of her delicious strawberry salad!

Pat said recently, “The Lord is good, He teaches us.” Thank you, Pat, for your smile and friendship and all you have done, and continue to do.

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  1. Pat’s generous spirit has been a gift to the people of her church and to her wider community. She and George quietly but faithfully give service and we are thankful for them. Thank you for shining a light.

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