We understand that all worship services do not need to be the same. They do not need to use the same acts of worship, the same musical instruments, or even the same technology. Worship is a time to get our priorities straight — at least for a moment. All week, we live as if we are No.1. Now we stop to acknowledge that “WE” is more important than “ME.”  When we put God first, everything else comes “after” God — including us, and for some reason, things get a little better.

What we call our worship service is not as important as what we do. United Methodists’ believe that the New Testament scriptures are the primary source of faith. The stories and lessons are open to all, just as our member hearts and minds are, as well as our building’s door.

You are welcome to come to one or both of our services, our priority is that your soul is fed.

Casual Service

9-10 AM, downstairs in the Meeting Hall with coffee

This service is designed to be simple and direct. We have traded an organ for a keyboard or guitar, swapped hymnals for song lyrics on a video screen, and removed a formal structure for one that has fewer parts. Feel free to ask questions, sip coffee or doodle while sitting around a table in our Meeting Hall.

Enjoy fellowship time from 10 – 10:30 AM

Traditional Service

10:30 -11:30 AM, upstairs in the Sanctuary

Worship with your neighbors in white wooden pews inside a historic New England Sanctuary. Listen to our church choir be accompanied by beautiful organ music from the loft above. Sing traditional hymns, recite the Call to Worship, Prayers and the Gospel and hear the minister’s sermon that follows the United Methodist Church’s lectionary each week

Hope to see you soon.