Our Story

NBUMC Mission

Our Beginning

In 2015, the United Methodist Church’s in Pepperell and Townsend Massachusetts merged to become one family located in Townsend, MA. The challenging circumstances that led to the union quickly became an opportunity to create a new vision to serve our communities.

First, we set out to discover our purpose that could adapt to the changing needs of our community. We reread the United Methodist’s global mission statement ‘Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.’  Then through acts of prayer, discernment, and plenty of discussions, we decided upon our local mission.

Our Mission

We are followers of Jesus, who tend God’s garden, serving the mind, body, and spirit of all God’s children.

Like so many historical figures in the Bible with a new purpose and new mission, we decided to begin our work with a new name. Our members submitted a variety of meaningful names, and after thoughtful consideration, we chose New Beginnings.

We are now in the most exciting stage of our rebirth, listening to the needs of our members, our community, and finding new ways to serve. We welcome any ideas you have to contribute and invite you to visit us this Sunday.

Our Team

Pastor – Ernie Farrar

Church Secretary – Krissy Miner

Financial Secretary – Jean Whitman

Church Treasurer – Lynne Connors

Church Council:

Chairperson – Nancy Conlon

Trustees Chairperson – Rick Oakley

Lay Leader – Open

SPRC Chair – Christine Silver

Stewardship – Open

Worship Ministry – Jean Whitman

Community Outreach Ministry – Open

Spiritual Formation Ministry – Brenda Bennett

Youth Ministry – Open

Caring Committee Open

Membership Committee – Lynne Connors, Linda Jones, Brenda Bennett, Louise Thorpe, Rick Oakley, and Shirley Hult

Nominating Committee –  Christine Silver, Rick Oakley, Brenda Bennett, Lynn Grimes

SPRC – Chair – Christine Silver
Committee Members: Margie Wilson, Lynn Grimes, Susan Siart, and Barbara Bourdon

Trustees – Chair- Rick Oakley
Treasurer – Marcia Scofield
Secretary – Krissy Miner
Committee Members – Al Higgins, Al Harris, and Shirley Hult